37’s Resolutions for ‘69 and ‘70

RN 1970: A photograph by portraitist Merrett Smith.

On the night of 6 February 1969  RN was preparing for an interview with TIME and LIFE columnist Hugh Sidey.  He wrote three pages of thoughts and resolutions regarding the responsibilities and opportunities of a President.
Compassionate, Bold, Courageous,… Zest for the job (not lonely but

awesome).  Goals — reorganized govt.  Idea magnet….

Open Channels for Dissent…. Progress — Participation

Trustworthy, Open-minded.

Most powerful office. Each day a chance to do something memorable for someone.

Need to be good to do good….

The nation must be better in spirit at the end of the term.  Need for joy, serenity, confidence, inspiration.

An early in January 1970, in his private office in the Old Executive Office Building, RN wrote notes for the second year of his presidency:

Add element of lift to each appearance… Hard work — Imagination –

Compassion — Leadership — Understanding young –

Intellectual expansion…

Cool — Strong — Organized — Temperate — Exciting …

Excitement — Joy in Life — Sharing.  Lift spirit of people –

Pithy, memorable phrases.

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